• Graduated from HBLVA Horticultural College in Vienna
  • Further education at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna
  • Extensive internships in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Cooperation with the internationally renowned (deceased 1998) Swiss landscape architect Prof. Dieter Kienast
  • Gertraud Monsberger lives with her family in Gleisdorf, near Graz


  • Graduated in 2005 from the FH Weihenstephan (GER) in landscape architecture, with a study focus on open space planning
  • Hermann Simnacher lives in Graz and has been with the company for several years, where his excellent cooredination skills are much valued




  • Graduate of the HTBLVA Graz Ortweinschule specialising in interior and object design (graduated in 2018)
  • Currently studying for his Master's degree in architecture at the FH Joanneum Graz
  • Sebastian Pirkheim lives in Graz



Our creative experts are professionals in garden architecture, landscape architecture and open space planning. They plan according to proven and new rules of the garden and landscape architecture and take care of your green project in a constructive and innovative way.




Garden architecture designs and creates private or public open spaces on an artistic but also technical aspect. Considering special circumstances of the property, the individuality of each client, the corporate identity of each company and the social aspect of each public project is the highest priority for MONSBERGER.


Landscape architecture is the aesthetic, artistic planning and designing of open spaces like parks and leisure facilities, rooftop gardens, vertical vegetation, greenery between habitation, public squares and other urban and rural rooms.

MONSBERGER works ‘eco-social’ – on the one hand on the basis of creating social intact environments, however, on the other hand according to the nature and landscape conservation.


private, commercial and public

MONSBERGER has great communication and presentation techniques including an interdisciplinary network of standing partners, allowing a reliable, cost-effective service on schedule.

The scope of work consists of the ÖGLA guidelines (Austrian Society for Landscape Design and Landscape Architecture)

Member of ÖGLA

Partner of GrünStattGrau (Association for greening of buildings)


Architecture competitions request highest demands for solutions of a planning task to provide a satisfying addition to its surrounding for individuals and the social well-being. In close cooperation with renowned architecture offices, MONSBERGER was able to obtain remarkable results in the field of urban- and open space planning (1st places at different EU-wide competitions). Therefore, MONSBERGER is available to interchange with future partners on integrated project concepts with an extensive know-how.





As experts for garden and landscape architecture we consult, design and plan the vegetation aspect of projects. MONSBERGER is a contact for private individuals, architect offices, land owners and developers, local groups, economic organizations and authorities with regards to new installations, existing or transforming open spaces in urban and rural areas.


Whether commercial or public tendering, construction-, service- or supply contract:

As a member of the WKO-expert group of engineers we formulate and coordinate the extensive procedure for garden and landscape architecture after the defined technical regulations of the tendering process. For instance, to commission a company with an ideal price-performance ratio, we create a register for each and every division, in which tasks occur according to the protocol.


During the realization phase we supervise all ongoing operations (site measuring, company’s performance, used materials, etc.) with the aid of the service specifications, created by us. All invoices get checked professionally, before transmitting them to our client. The acceptances… In cooperation with the client and the involved companies. Together with costumers and involved companies’ contracts are reviewed and verified before required protocols are written. By request, MONSBERGER is also available to supervise the planting and development maintenance of the completed project.


Expert consulting activity in

  • tree inspection
  • garden- and green area design
  • specialization for building greening (roof and facade greening)




In public areas, trees require a constant monitoring. Die owner is responsible for the traffic safety.

We inspect trees to the current standards norms, inform on the condition of your trees, recommend maintenance measures and advise replacement plantings.

A tree inspection certificate of the German Research Society for Landscape Development and Landscaping (FLL) allows us to conduct these inspections. Periodically, we undergo further courses.



Gertraud Monsberger is expert in:

  • tree inspections
  • garden and open space design
  • building greening (roof and facade greening)

During the tree inspection, the roots, the stem and the treetop are investigated for damage causing a traffic hazard. Rotting, deadwood, tiling of the stem, insufficient anchoring in the ground and other abnormal defects are examined and recorded through a tree diagnosis to guarantee road safety.

We are specialized in consulting, planning and project management for building greening and infiltration-capable surfaces.

We prepare expert statements before construction planning or building on a plot of land.


2023 office building Saubermacher, Graz / client: Saubermacher
2023 master plan TU Graz, Campus Inffeldgasse / client: BIG
2022 extension private clinic Hansa, Graz / client: Hansa Klinik
2022 Reiters Family Hotel, Bad Tatzmannsdorf / Sauna area and gourmet workshop / client: Reiters Hotel
2022 residential area Lazarettgasse, Graz / client: Wohnbauträger
2022 WKO Campus, Graz / client: WKO Steiermark
2022 natural show garden Holc, Völkermarkt / client: Holc Naturpools
2021 techno park Raaba / client: Technopark Raaba
2021 thermal bath Bad Radkersburg / client: Thermengesellschaft
2021 therapy garden LKH Mürzzuschlag / client: KAGES
2021 urn garden Voitsberg / client: Stadtwerke Voitsberg
2021 intercultural park, Graz / client: Stadt Graz
2021 residential area Neubaugasse, Graz / client: Western Union
2021 residential area Oeverseegasse, Graz / client: Erste Immobilien
2021 residential area Zollgasse, Graz / client: Erste Immobilien
2021 residential area Ulmgasse, Graz / client: Erste Immobilien
2020 residential area Grillweg / client: C&P Immobilien AG
2020 residential area St. Peter Hauptstraße / client: C&P Immobilien AG
2020 Mur shore Leoben / client: Stadtgemeinde Leoben
2020 Merkur Campus / client: Merkur Versicherungs AG
2020 vertical greenery Berufschule St. Peter/ client: LIG Steiermark
2020 tree inspection Karl Franzens University Graz / client: BIG
2020 tree inspection and master plan of replacement planting TU Graz/client: TU Graz
2019 master plan cremation cemetery Graz / client: Holding Graz
2019 Mur shore Bad Radkersburg / client: Stadtgemeinde Bad Radkersburg
2019 Get Out – open spaces of schools / client: Styria vitalis
2019 kinder garden Lannach | client: Marktgemeinde Lannach
2019 office extension Metahof V Graz / client: Metahof Errichtungsgesellschaft m.bH.
2019 master plan ‚Blumen vom Hügel‘ / client: Blumen vom Hügel
2019 residential area Triester Straße| client: C&P Immobilien AG
2019 residential and office buildings Reininghaus Q4| client: Mischek Immobilien, BEWO
2019 Naturhotel Schloss Kassegg / client: Naturhotel Schloss Kassegg
2018 Schloss Schwarzenegg / client: Schloss Schwarzenegg
2018 Meranpark | client: Landesimmobilien-Gesellschaft, Kunstuniversität Graz und Stadt Graz
2018 green- and sports area Dominikanergründe | client: Stadt Graz
2018 competition residential area Triester Straße / organized by: C&P Immobilien AG
2017 Inffeldgasse 10 – courtyard and foreyard | client: Technische Universität Graz
2017 Seeresidenzen Copacabana | client: Kollitsch Immobilien GmbH
2017 master plan Mörz | client: Mörz Naturstein GmbH
2017 residential area Riegler ST. Peter | client: Riegler & Partner Holding GmbH
2017 TU Graz – developmet concept Inffeldgasse | client: Technische Universität Graz
2017 Brauquartier Puntigam – construction phase 06 to 09 | client: C&P Immobilien AG
2017 residential area Hallerschloßstraße | client: Kollitsch Immobilien GmbH
2017 residential area ORF-Park | client: GHG Kollitsch GmbH
2017 competition WKO Steiermark Center of Excellence | architect: DI Tinchon ZT GmbH
2017 competition Hallenbad Germeringen | architect: Schulz-Architektur ZT
2017 competition city center Knittelfeld | cooperation: outside Garten- und Landschaftsarchitektur
2016 Steiermarkhof | client: Landeskammer für Land- und Forstwirtschaft in der Steiermark
2016 Weingut Esterházy | client: Esterházy Wein GmbH
2016 master plan WKO Steiermark | client: WKO Steiermark - Verwaltung und Liegenschaften
2016 town center Laßnitzhöhe | client: Marktgemeinde Laßnitzhöhe
2016 TU Graz New Campus – master plan | client: Technische Universität Graz
2016 master plan Weiz | client: Stadtgemeinde Weiz
2016 Leoben Lerchenfeld – master plan green structure | client: Stadt Leoben
2016 Steiermarkhof – ecological site supervision | client: Landeskammer für Land- und Forstwirtschaft in der Steiermark
2016 Brauquartier Puntigam – ecological site supervision | Kunde:
2016 competition Reininghaus park and green axis | cooperation: outside Garten- und Landschaftsarchitektur
2016 competition Seebad Breitenbrunn | architect: Pittino & Ortner ZT GmbH
2015 building development Muthgasse Wien | client: Liegenschaftseigentümer in Kooperation mit der MA21 Stadtteilplanung
2015 Landschaftspark Hofbauer | client: Stadtgemeinde Weiz
2015 pannonian garden, Burgenland | client: private
2015 master plan Reiters | Kunde: Reiters Reserve
2015 LKH Graz, Frauenklinik - extension | client: Steiermärkische Krankenanstalten GmbH
2015 master plan university Leoben | client: Montanuniversität Leoben
2015 tendering competition Südgürtel open space and park |
2014 High Tech Center Villach - competition | competition:, client: BABEG Kärntner
2014 Sonnenpark Gleisdorf | client: Gemeinde Gleisdorf
2014 Brauquartier Puntigam – construction phase 01 to 05 | client: C&P Immobilien AG
2014 competition City Gate | architect: Architektur Consult ZT GmbH
2013 Landesgartenschau 2015, Bad Ischl | competition:, client: Immobilien Bad Ischl GmbH
2013 therapy path, comfort zone Schöckl | client: Holding Graz
2013 Zollamtsvorplatz, Bad Radkersburg | client: Stadtgemeinde Radkersburg
2013 residential area ‚Wohnen am Bach‘ | client: Odilien- Verein zur Förderung u. Betreuung Sehbehinderter u. Blinder STh
2013 urban development Ödenburger Strasse, Vienna | competiton: 1. place, cooperative planning process
2013 Stadtvillen Ruckerlberg | competition:, client: Raiffeisenimmobilien
2012 residential area Odilienweg | client: MEG Benediktinerstift Admont und Barmherzige Schwestern v. hl. Vinzenz v. Paul
2012 Forstgut bei Graz | client: private
2012 Stadtpark Bad Radkersburg | client: Stadtgemeinde Radkersburg
2012 Styria Media Center Graz | client: MCG Immobilien GmbH
2011 Gartenstadt Kufstein, Enrich Kaserne | client: Lechner Immobilien GmbH
2011 Geidorf Center Graz | client: Fleissner und Partner GmbH
2011 Weingut Goedmakers | client: Ton und Monique Goedmakers
2010 residential area Messe Ost, Graz | client: Ennstal Neue Heimat-Wohnbeihilfe Gemeinnützige Wohnunsges.m.b.H.
2010 chemistry/pharmacy & theoreticla medicine, University of Innsbruck | client: BIG - Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft
2010 garden House of Engineers | client: HDI Errichtungsgesellschaft
2009 retiremnet home Sommersgut | client: Pflegeheim Sommersgut GmbH
2009 Grimmingtherme Bad Mitterndorf (ST) | client: Grimming Therme GmbH
2009 Lodenareal Innsbruck | competition:, client: ZIMA - Neue Heimat Tirol
2009 Naturparkzentrum Grottenhof | competition:, client: Marktgemeinde Kaindorf an der Sulm
2009 competition olympic village Innsbruck, 2. place | organized by: Neue Heimat Tirol
2008 company area Flowtec | client: Flowtec industrietechnik GmbH
2008 open space study Reininghaus | client: Asset One Immobilienentwicklungs AG
2008 residential area Pupping | client: proserv+ GmbH
2007 Aqualux Therme Fohnsdorf | client: Therme Fohnsdorf Errichtungs- und Betriebs GmbH
2007 extension of tramway line 6, Graz | client: Stadt Graz
2007 residential park Schererstraße, Graz | client: Stadt Graz
2007 Augarten Graz, playground | client: Stadt Graz
2006 Augarten Graz, path network | client: Stadt Graz
2006 Burggarten Graz | competition:, client: Land Steiermark
2005 Allied Panels | client: Allied Panels, Frankenburg (OÖ)
2005 Werzers Seehotel 'Wallerwirt', Pörtschach (K) | client: Arge Werzer - Porr, Mandlbauer, Pongratz
2004 Businesspark Reininghaus, Graz | client: Brau Union Österreich AG
2004 Werzers Seeresidenzen, Pörtschach (K) | client: Arge Werzer - Porr, Mandlbauer, Pongratz
2003 eventpark Attendorf | client: Gemeinde Attendorf
2003 Vitalresort Thermensuiten Loipersdorf | client: Mandlbauer GmbH
2002 Weingut E. & W. Polz, Spielfeld (ST) | client: Erich & Walter Polz GmbH
2001 start of ,Monsberger Gartenarchitketur‘
2000 international garden show 2000, Graz | assitance for Prof. Dieter Kienast