client: Merkur VersicherungsAG
in cooperation with Zechner und Zechner Architekten
artistic direction: SelfSightSeeing Company
scope Monsberger: landscape design
completion: 2020

The new, international headquarters of Merkur Versicherungs AG has been developed in Graz, next to the city hall and the fair grounds. The campus consists of two new constructions and one existing building and is connected through a one-strorey link in the gorund floor with a rooftop garden. An outdoor gym, wellness and recreation area is also located on its roof, which is accessible via an external staircase. A forecourt facing the east and the street marks the main entrance. In the west, a continuous, green fringe separates the area from the railroads. Additionally, an open eating area for the restaurant is embedded in different grasses and footbridges.
The theme for the open spaces (Mediterranean mountain landscape for the roof garden; lakes and reed landscape for the ground floor) was given by the artistic direction.
In total, 1 800 m2 of roof and underground parking spaces were intensively landscaped, as well as the fassade of the seven-storey, existing building, which was grassed vertically.