client: C&P Consulting
cooperation with architect Scherr + Fürnschuss
scope Monsberger: landscape design
start of planning process: 01.2014
start of construction: 08.2016

completion: 2019
area: 42 900 m²

The urban district in the south of Graz is characterized by its location next to the highly frequented Triester Straße and the striking edge of terrain with an existing valuable wood. Corresponding to these circumstances, the housing and greenery structures were created. A densely seeming, shielding set of buildings are situated in the west, towards Triester Straße. Its value is increased through a greatly functional, 6000m2 rooftop terrace, planted with high-quality greenery. Towards the edge, the size of the houses is reduced and the share of vegetation increases. The green in between the buildings serves as a buffer, improves the micro climate and increases the quality of stay.